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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, when it comes to Magento 2 configuration, neither Read more…. With Magento 2, even the trivial task of adding a custom attribute to a Customer can become quite challenging.

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In Magento 1, when we wanted to override a specific method from the Core, we usually needed to rewrite Core class in our module. Magento 2 introduced a new possibility for overriding core functionality without Read more…. Hi Dear reader! But when tried to debug in PHPStorm, some weird errors appeared and debugging was practically impossible… After several hours of playing with xDebug settings, I came to the idea to try to build custom downloaded xDebug from source and finally after succeeded, my debugging error is gone with the newest xDebug version installed. Here are the steps performed: 1.

Is that all? Why write an article about that? Next run: phpize If you get any errors using this command, please use google to find how to resolve them before proceeding.

2. Install Xdebug using Pecl

After phpize, instructions tell us that we need to run. To be honest I Googled a lot on this and finally found a solution which is working for me: phpize? Categories: Magento 2. Tags: ampps Development mac magento2 osx php xdebug.

Configuring XDebug on OSX Mountain Lion | Lullabot

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Select the Admin Properties tab to display settings that enable you to start and stop the database server from the IDE. MAMP maintains shell scripts in its bin folder. You can find scripts for starting and stopping servers there.

195P Mac Debugger

However, an alternative option would be to use the MySQL Workbench , which provides an intuitive GUI interface for performing administrative operations i. To use MySQL Workbench, first download and install it, then enter the following settings into the dialog:.

That way, when you save your files after making changes, your sources are automatically updated in the deployed version. In the third step of the wizard, Run Configuration, select the Copy files from Sources Folder to another location option and type in the path to the htdocs folder. The IDE remembers this location for future projects. MAMP contains a pre-compiled xdebug.

  • Step 2: Configure php.ini;
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Xdebug does not work together with Zend Optimizer, so you also have to disable Zend Optimizer in php. Open the php.

Locate the [xdebug] section and activate Xdebug replace xxxxxxxx with the actual number. Add this section to the end of php.


For an explanation of these properties, see Related Settings in the Xdebug Remote Debugging documentation. Note that the remote port specified for Xdebug in the previous step is: This is the default debugger port used in NetBeans. You can set the debugger to suspend on the first line of code by enabling this option in the PHP Options window.

You can also verify that a PHP debugging session is active by opening the Sessions window. Apache NetBeans.