Mac 209 eyeliner brush review

Like a good pair of shoes, a good set of makeup brushes can truly help a girl conquer the world! The MAC Eyeliner Brush is very small and fine with a very precise tip that makes it incredibly easy to pick up just the right amount of eyeliner to glide and flick across the eyes.

The extremely precise tip makes it easy for me to create small cat eyes or bold eagle wings with a flick of my wrist. Plus, the synthetic bristles make it super easy to maneuver through thick creams and gels. The MAC Eyeliner Brush is a must have for liner junkies or anyone who struggles with creating fine, crisp lines. MAC may have intended for this beauty to be used for blush but the Duo Fibre Blush Brush is one of the best highlighting brushes on the market.

Hands down! The MAC Duo Fibre Blush Brush comes equipped with both natural and synthetic bristles making it ideal for powders, liquids and creams. The natural bristles pick up just the right amount of product while the synthetic bristles buff and blend everything into the skin. The result?

Basic info on MAC 209 Eye Liner Brush

A flawless glow that looks natural and lit from within. Initially, I only wanted it for blush because the MAC Large Angled Contour Brush is shaped perfectly for sweeping blush onto the apples of cheeks effortlessly. The natural bristles blend powder products seamlessly and the brush head is the perfect size for even my small face. Well hello! My passion for beauty was sparked years ago in my dorm room binge watching beauty tutorials on YouTube. I learned everything I could from YouTube—from color matching to contouring. Then I practiced. It belongs to the range of MAC professional brushes and is hand sculpted and assembled with very fine quality materials.

The structure comprises of a wooden handle, nickel plated brass ferrules, and a synthetic fiber brush. The head and handle lengths measure. The user gets a brilliant hold of the brush during application. The phenomenal control allows smooth, precise, thin, and solid swipe on the eye. The brush can be used with liquid as well as cream products. MAC Eyeliner Brush — is my go to product! I love alot of eyeliners because of their formulation but then i had to throw it away because the applicator wasnt good enough so i decided to buy this brush which has thin bristles and gives a precise and clean finish.

MAC 209 Eye Liner Brush|Price

It is very easy to apply eyeliner with it and even beginners can do so with it. This is a fine tipped brush that delivers precise, defined and even stroke to the eyes. It can be used with liquid, matte or powder products. The brushes are wooden and very well crafted justifying the steep prices. The bristles of the brush are very strong and are if synthetic material. I use it for applying my eyeliner cause I love defining my eyes really well.

It picks up the product pretty well and enables gliding the product conveniently on the eyes.

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My eyes look so beautiful after applying the liner with this brush. Applying the liner below the eyes is also very convenient with this brush. I am always apprehensive about the application of any product below the eye as I wear contact lenses. This brush however is amazing and enabled me to dispense just the right quantity very evenly hence not disturbing the lenses. Great buy. I would surely buy this again. This eyeliner brush works incredibly with fluid lines.

MAC Eye Liner Brush|Price

Can be exact and make a superb wing. Never shed or lost its shape and I wash it after each utilization. At long last, I understand that this shape is more helpful for me than inclined brushes. I'm satisfied and would repurchase. The brush is best suitable for creating thick and long lines of the eyeliner.

I find it particularly useful for working on a cake and creamy liners. It makes the liner look very prominent. I find it very helpful for working on the lower lashes for applying a thin line of eye shadow. For lower lash line you may use a smudger or a flat liner brush. I've seen so many makeup artists use this brush for creating graphic or dramatic eye makeup looks.

One thing I like about this product is the length of the handle. I truly like this brush. MAC Eyeliner Brush — is an applicator brush that is actually meant to apply an eye liner as per your desired shape. What I like about it is that you can create a thick as well as thin effect on eyes as per your requirement. You just need to hold the brush firmly and apply in one steady stroke only.

It surely needs a practice but the effect is so perfect that you will use it again and again. The brush has synthetic fibers thus the liner does not stick to the brush much and is transferable easily giving a smooth application. I used it as a lip liner too, you just need to clean the brush thoroughly with water and use it as a lip liner. So it is sort of two in one. It is so sleek that its easy to carry it. You can do experiments by mixing different colors of liners if you want to create your own customized shade of eye liner. Like you can mix blue and black shade for dramatics eyes.

The price may bother you but it is a long lasting product, once purchased you need not purchase it again for a long. If you want a precise application of your regular eye liner or if you do experiment's with your eyes then this is the product for you. This 15cm eyeliner brush retails at INR , which is a discounted price and that too at Nykaa. Although, this eyeliner is good for making almost every kind of eye look, still, I feel spending this much amount for just an eyeliner brush is not so satisfactory. Due to its tip, initially, I find it difficult in creating fine eyeliner, and honestly speaking, I still have not mastered yet to work with this extreme tip.

But sometimes I use this brush for the lip lining purpose, and it does pretty well. So overall, my experience with this brush as an eyeliner brush is not so good, but yes, the bristles are soft and gentle.

M.A.C Cosmetics Precise Eye Liner Brush Reviews

They are firm too. And yes, its price could have been a bit less, so that it could have been a budget-friendly brush. MAC Eyeliner Brush — is used for drawing precise line over the eyelids. It can be used for both upper and lower eyelash lines. The brush is long enough to give a good grip but it takes time for you to practice, especially if you are a beginner like me. The brush has synthetic fibers tuffed together with a pointed tip. This helps to get a perfect line. If you are looking for a very thin line, then this brush is not for you, as it draws a line which is slightly thicker and not too thick. It can be used for both liquid and gel liner.

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One of my friend who bought this MAC Eyeliner Brush — said, the bristles of the brush stuffed out and due to which she didn't get a perfect desirable line. May be she had a bad time or she would have been given a duplicate which happens when you buy online. So, be careful. The cost of the brush is very high. I have never been an aficionado of the calculated or level eyeliner brush.