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The Ninetendo Wii video game was the most sought after item Friday and will probably be in great demand this holiday season. The Sarasota K-mart store handed out fifteen coupons to the first people in line, giving them the chance to buy the game. Other hot items were a flat screen t. Dozens of shoppers at Kmart in Raleigh, N. Rick Long was one of the first shoppers in line and snagged his only planned purchase: There's a new blue-light special on flat-panel TVs today, but it's probably not the name you're thinking of.

TV shoppers aiming to score a flat screen without paying the top-dollar prices demanded by Sharp or Sony have benefited from an explosion in "no-name" brands -- Hannspree, Hisense, Haier, Olevia, and Vizio, to name just a few. In recent years, the king of the cheap flat screen was Syntax-Brillian's Nasdaq: BRLC Olevia, which until recently was clocked as one of the fastest-growing brands for any model of television in the U.

No longer. Reports from technology analyst iSuppli crown a new king: All hail Vizio, a privately held company based in Irvine, Calif. At last report, Vizio was bigger than Samsung. Bigger than Sharp. Bigger than Sony, Polaroid, or Philips. Although falling prices seem to be spurring a "flight to quality" as consumers pay up for the name S-brands -- Samsung, Sharp, and Sony -- Vizio still holds the top slot in U. Meanwhile, Olevia doesn't even make the top six. As fast as S-B is growing, Vizio's growing faster, as it targets cut-rate retailers in a bid to get bigger, more quickly, than anybody else.

The strategy may hurt Vizio's margins on the sales-price end. But it could also pay off as Vizio reaps the benefits of larger production scale, and better name recognition from the public, by putting more TVs on more store shelves nationwide.

Right now, Vizio and Olevia run about neck-and-neck for virtual shelf space on the websites of Sears Nasdaq: Vizio has a clear edge at Costco Nasdaq: Perhaps most importantly, though, Vizio sells at the world's biggest retailer, Wal-Mart Nasdaq: WMT , where Olevia is shut out. But keep a close eye on Vizio to see whether it might short-circuit that sales growth in the short term.

And in the longer term, look for continued price drops at the other S-brands to hobble S-B's growth even more.

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Royalty payments are anticipated to be received by the end of December Syntax-Brillian will host a conference call at 6: EST today, November 28, to explain its new business model and to discuss its expectations regarding the quarter ending December 31, and fiscal year ending June 30, Syntax-Brillian "buy," target price reduced Thursday, November 29, 8: BRLC , while reducing his estimates for the company. In a research note published this morning, the analyst mentions that the company continues to gain market momentum with Olevia LCD TVs in North America.

Syntax-Brillian is transitioning to a licensing strategy in Greater Asia and China, which would reduce cash requirements and have a negative impact on net income and revenues in the forthcoming 12 months , the analyst say. The execution of the transition process is expected to yield results after at least another two quarters, Brean Murray adds.

Little did I suspect. Philips NYSE: LPL three years ago. Corning makes the glass that LG. Waiter, may we have the point, please? I'm getting to that. So as I was saying, on Tuesday, I wrote a few words on how a little no-name flat-panel TV maker, Vizio, had come out of nowhere to grab an industry-leading share in the U. BRLC in the process. In writing about this, I stepped into a hornet's nest. No sooner had the article posted than the emails began to flow in. Apparently, I am a hater and a basher of Syntax-Brillian S-B , out to "get" the stock for reasons unknown and unnamed.

Which could not be further from the truth Fact of the matter is, I don't yet know a whole lot about S-B. Certainly not enough to hate it. But I am learning.

And S-B helped me along yesterday, when management issued a press release describing its shipment, sales, and earnings expectations for the coming quarter and the rest of fiscal Reviewing the response among the mainstream press, I'd say that few people liked what they heard. For this drop, I blame the press release's less than lucid explanation of S-B's shift to a new, royalty-based business model for its Chinese TV sales, and perhaps investors' misunderstanding of how the new business model relates to the old in terms of profitability.

Because the more I look at S-B's plan, the more I like it. Fresh eyes Sometimes, bringing a fresh pair of eyes to a company helps in seeing things more clearly. In hopes that such is the case today, here's my take on the new and improved S-B. S-B's old business model consisted of building TVs and, in the U. TGT , Sears Nasdaq: Under the new model, U. In addition to the Chinese sales, S-B expects to sell another , to , units in the U. This, according to the media, is bad news.

But the way I look at it, it's not bad news at all. Quite the opposite. Put aside the U. What you get is about a 2. Royalties, traditionally being a high-margin revenue stream, could eventually help boost the company's margins. Meanwhile, having freed itself from the day-to-day oversight of Chinese sales, management will be able to focus on its U. And considering the inroads Vizio has been making here remember Vizio?

This was a song about Vizio , the U. Foolish takeaway Estimates, schmeshtimates. What's important here is that S-B is focusing its attention where it's needed -- the U. That's good news for shareholders. Yesterday's sell-off was overdone. Factoring wird zudem nicht in allen Branchen angeboten. Denn hier werde die Zahlung meist gedrittelt: South China Science and Technology Consultants Limited and photographic equipment Broadway Limited on November 28 jointly held, and TVB full support "of high-definition digital broadcasting receiver-HD-interactive" conference has been successful conclusion.

Hu promised Mr. The presence of an atmosphere of excitement, major newspaper reporters to come forward with their questions, and it deeply interested. Negatitive quantity means stock was sold; positive means it was bought. Stock Ranking is based on popularity of the stock among fund managers.

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It is calculated based on the total number of BUY transactions and number of fund managers that bought the stock. Stock Rating 0 to 10 is based on the percentage of BUY transactions among all transactions for this stock. The higher the rating, the higher the BUY percentage of the stock among the mutual funds. The data you see here is updated periodically. Some updates are performed biweekly and some are monthly. Aggregate data may be shown after monthly updates. Please consult an investment advisor before you make investment decisions.

Entry into a Material Definitive Agreement. Under the terms of the Royalty Agreement, we agreed to grant Olevia Far East an exclusive license to distribute, source components for, manufacture, market, and sell our televisions and monitors bearing the Olevia trademark from Taiwan to the defined territory of the Republic of China and Hong Kong. In exchange for the license, Olevia Far East will pay us a royalty of three percent of the total sales price of all such licensed goods, net of taxes, duties, or similar charges.

Illustrated Engineering Dictionary

SCHOT will be responsible for managing the royalty calculations and collecting any royalty fees on our behalf, which are payable on a quarterly basis. Olevia Far East further agrees to pay for all costs associated with the distribution, sale, and manufacture of these licensed goods and to comply with our quality standards and specifications.

The term of the Royalty Agreement is two years. This description of the Royalty Agreement does not purport to be complete and is qualified in its entirety by reference to the full text of the Royalty Agreement which is filed herewith as Exhibit Item 9. Financial Statements and Exhibits. Exhibit Number Mit dieser Vereinbarung so Dr. The Company further disclosed that it was experiencing trouble securing sufficient supplies of panels, it did not have adequate financing to meet demand, and was experiencing difficulty in collecting its receivables in a prompt manner.

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As detailed in the complaint, BRLC insiders, however, faired far better than public stockholders. As a result of the dissemination of the false and misleading statements set forth in the complaint, the market price of BRLC securities was artificially inflated during the Class Period. In ignorance of the false and misleading nature of the statements described above, and the deceptive and manipulative devices and contrivances employed by said defendants, plaintiffs and the other members of the Class relied, to their detriment, on the integrity of the market price of BRLC securities.

Had plaintiffs and the other members of the Class known the truth, they would not have purchased said common stock, or would not have purchased them at the inflated prices that were paid. The case name is styled The Nagel Family Trust v. Syntax-Brillian Corporation, et al.