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Navigate to your Terminal. Type in Terminal and launch it.

Once your in the Terminal, type ls -a to be given a list of files and folders that are both hidden and not hidden. We are looking for the hidden file. At the bottom, copy this into the file:.

How to make a directory/folder using Mac Terminal

Below the commenting is where you find the standard syntax for creating an alias shortcut command for your machine to recognize. This command opens the file, regardless of where you may be in any of your directory levels.

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Syntax here is super important. Make sure that not only your syntax is correct, but that your directory path is correct! If not, the alias will not be able to successfully jump to your desired location and perform that task.

You must know the exact filename and file path of the file you want to open!

This is the primary command in the alias command that makes opening up desired applications via the Terminal super convenient. If your terminal is open or still running, quit it in order to refresh it. Start up your Terminal again and type in the new alias you just created. For me, I type in pynotes.

Remove Open Directory data

Immediately, your command should get executed successfully! Upon typing in the alias pynotes , the text file opened!


Send Sms From Mac Command Line

And now I can resume my list comprehension notes for Python! Play around with aliases and decide what makes the most sense to make a shortcut command for! The customization is really up to you! Sign in.

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  • Get started. Unlike dscl , this tool will not work with any other data source.

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    A single-shot tool used for reading and writing information to a NetInfo database. You should consider using nicl in single-shot mode instead of this tool.

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    • Searches through a NetInfo database for directories or properties that match a particular pattern. Of these commands, the most useful are dscl , nicl , nidump , and niload. Before you get too creative with your NetInfo database, you should make sure you have a good backup of it. For example, Stay ahead with the world's most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.