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Aquambiance Aquambiance Metacity Themes by fredbird A variation on the new "Ambiance" metacity theme, with the buttons recolored a la Macintosh style, hence the name, as it's a cross between "Aqua" and "Ambiance".

Ubuntu Mate 18.04 to MacOS in 5 Minutes (MacOS Theme)

BTW, this theme is designed for the traditional "minimize,maximize,close" button layout. Grainsboro 2. Represented Grainsboro theme.

New GTK3 theme added. GTK2: Murrina engine required.

Gnome Screenshots -

Tested on Slackware Rating: 6. The theme is based on the great work of ren-cs the guy who has propably designed the most IceWM themes in the world.

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For the latest version of the GTK Rating: 7. Ambiance Maverick Openbox Themes by davidbarr.

Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS

Another Ambience theme for Openbox that sort of matches the proper one. It does not try to be round or anything fancy.

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Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS

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