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Earlier systems are also shown on my site, at the links below. For technical descriptions and version information, check the "Low End Mac" Web site at this link. We are generally not offering systems. Systems shown on this Web page are examples. We may not have these sytems for sale. Contact us for prices for specific parts or systems. If you would like parts from these listed systems, like power supplies or logics CPU cards , or add-on cards, ask for availability and price.

A complete list of pointers to our Mac inventory , services and information can be found on my Mac home page. To order , please follow this link for ordering information, terms and conditions, and info about orders outside the USA. Here a list of G3 and G4 motherboards I have available.

I will try to keep these lists current. When ordering parts, please identify your Mac G3 or G4 system - specifically by motherboard. Sorry about that!

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You need to check the motherboard part number to know what kind of G4 you have and what parts are compatible. Look at this page for typical motherboard part or model numbers, and features specific to variations of those models. Check the Web for discussions and more information. Here's some Web site links to inform you about G3 and G4 models and features. This article from Low End Mac talks about G3 blue and white model differences.

This article from AppleLinks. To find the version using System Profiler, or the motherboard revision, check this text document". For more information, do a Web search "Uni-N G4 Sawtooth" to find links to descriptions and methods regarding such upgrades. We don't advise on these issues; at best we can try to identify the revisions of items we sell and offer. Here's a little story as to why I don't often sell G4 "systems". I'm listing these systems below as typical parts sources. Generally, my customers are people who have a G4 which needs parts for their repairs.

If I tried to sell "systems", I would have to price them at the total value of their parts. Don't ask "how much for a complete and working system? Customers who want a complete system, often find a private owner of a no-longer-used system, who will sell it for much less.

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Or on various Web auction sites. REsult- you may get an incomplete or nonworking system, or one broken in shipping. If so, you can buy repair parts here. Therefore I do not offer these as systems, I only offer a few parts. See my iMac, eMac parts for part prices. We usually keep a few iMacs on hand, and their parts. Powers up and boots and runs OS 9.

Needs PRAM battery to hold time and date. Primary battery is dead and won't charge. Includes Apple AC "power cord" power supply. Mac laptops before the G3, and their parts, can be found on this Web page. Some unused Mac laptop parts can be found on this Web page. G4 systems Here a list of G3 and G4 systems I may have available.

Here a list of G3 and G4 motherboards I may have available. G4 grey tower MHz and above systems These G4 descriptions are of typical systems. Follow this Web link to our G4 parts.

The Worlds Fastest Power Mac G3 Blue & White (Part 1) - IMNC

Read this note as to why we generally sell parts, not systems. We generally have one or more of these in stock; we may have faster processors than listed here. You need to check the motherboard part number to know what kind of G3 you have and what parts are compatible. Boots and runs OK.


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Sold by parts only. Shipping weight 38 lbs. See the parts section for specific parts from this system. YHQTD version 2? System not available except for parts. See the parts section for specific parts from this system, or ask for a quote. Otherwise similar to MHz Digital Audio system above. Uses PC memory.

Sonnet Encore/ZIF 1.0 GHz G4 Processor Upgrade for Power Macintosh G3/G4

Shipping weight?? Uses DDR memory. Here a list of G3 and G4 systems I have available.

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The excellent fold-down side design was retained, and even the notoriously sluggish Mac OS X felt snappy on these systems. Cooling was beginning to become an issue with faster CPU speeds, and some configurations had problems with very loud fans. Fixes in subsequent OS releases largely resolved the problem. Unfortunately as they age the iMac G5 has had problems with overheating and bad capacitors, and this model has not weathered the test of time well.

Still, if Apple had made this iMac in black I would have purchased one immediately…. It was also popular among car stereo designers — the case fits nicely into a car radio dashboard slot! Despite an unnecessarily hard to open case the mini was quite popular, and the form factor has survived the transition into the Intel CPU lineup.

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Apple had offered server configurations of their systems in the past, but they were basically souped-up versions of existing towers with AppleShare Server and additional software installed. The Xserve represented a completely new form factor designed specifically to be a rack-mount unit and work well in corporate server environments. The stylish enclosure supported up to 4 internal drives G4 models , dual ethernet connectors, remotely controllable status lights on the front and back panels and bit multiprocessor support G5 models.

They retained compatibility for existing bit Mac software, had external Apple hardware RAID expansion options, and came in primary server and cluster node configurations. The G5 Xserve was replaced by the Intel-based Xeon model in , using the same form factor.